5 thoughts on “Snack Results: Week 3”

  1. howdie tell-tailors!

    I am enjoying the challenges of the snacks.
    Looking forward to more snack indulgence.

    the move of the clock is better placement.

    if the image was directly above the writing box
    it would be easier to relate to while writing.

    i received a 404 warning during log-in when attempting to log-in before reaching last link to snack time at that point was able to log-in as usual.

    like the new log-in placement.



  2. So much easier with the timer next to the writing box, thank you!!!
    Today (Tuesday), I thought there was an error loading the snack because it began with my own text from yesterday, which was all i could see (maybe because i’m on a mobile device? In any case…) It took me a moment of reloading the page and pondering before I realized that my text was now part of the prompt, and that it was not in fact sending me incorrectly to a results page. Could formatting be improved for clarity on this?

    1. Thanks so much for the feedback, Meredith! Past responses will be clearly labeled as such in the future. Did you find it helpful to have the past response visible on the Snack page?

  3. I got behind and played catch-up, so I don’t think I got as much out of the exercises as I could have if I were a better student. But the exercises were very good, especially the time constraints. Makes you concentrate…

    I mixed the terms protagonists and antagonist, sort of a dyslexia on my part. Goes along with my poor typing speed due to left hand malfunctions.

    All of the website issues were discussed by others. I have no complaints.

    Anyhow, a very useful exercise and I am looking forward to March 30 and the beginning session with our next learning project.

    Thanks a lot!

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