Snack Results: Week 1

5 thoughts on “Snack Results: Week 1”

  1. I’m finally getting this, wish I could re-do my first two posts :(. I totally misread the No name bar yesterday, thought you were referring to the blank bar on the Monday where we put our characters name, jeez. no excuse, just tired from a long day, oops. I now get that we were to put our character actually in the bar….and the first day, I can do better! It has given me food for thought, need to be more creative and spontaneous and less literal and factual. So I think today was better. I do need more than 5 min though, so I don’t push the button until I want to, Ha misbehaving!
    Re getting to the exorcise, I find it obviously, but it takes me 7 steps to get there. Is there a shorter way to get to the opportunity to select the days. Like perhaps pushing the neon button for Snack time and that could take me right there?
    Good and helpful questions,

    1. It’s great that you want to go back and rework, but not to worry. The idea is less about getting it “right” and more about getting five minutes of a writing flow. I love that you’re cheating, ha! I encourage you to hold to timing the first five minutes, to gain a sense of what’s possible in that time frame.

      1. And yes, thank you for all the user-experience feedback. It’s very helpful. We are continuing to make improvements throughout the experience as we go, hopefully for the better. 🙂

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