My Wordless Resolution

I’ve always wanted a compilation of the forgotten words: those lost from our dictionaries and gone from our tongues. Good ones do exist, and I often wonder whether I should try and revive the sound of kexy leaves in my writing and obarmate against the loss of language, or if by so doing I would only roblet readers and possibly misqueme them.

Instead, this year, I plan to do the opposite. I’m consciously dropping a word from my spoken vocabulary.

After catching myself one too many times using the same word in recent days, I realized it had cemented itself into the shorthand crutch of my vocabulary. The word itself is not that special. It is neither vulgar nor exciting. It is neither colorful nor placid. It is nondescript if it is anything. Yet, I find that it is in its very delivery, a word utilized to convey everything, attitude and all. Or so the tone of that delivery should suggest. Somehow vague and vogue, it feels borrowed and lazy. An ordinary word whose extraordinary usage has become, well, ordinary.

So, enough of it, I say. Expunged. Here’s to using words that matter. And here’s to hoping this overt effort with my speech results in covert dexterity with my pen.

Do you use a word worth losing?

Tell Tailors Guild founded

We invite you to join our collective of writers, thinkers, and creators. Like the guilds of the Renaissance, our aim is to further the interests of our artistry, avail ourselves of mutual support, and keep an eye on one another. Writing may be a solitary act, but the act engages a community.

Meet other writers, discover interval writing, and take home some new writing tools.

Please join us Saturday, December 15, 2018 at the Madelyn Helling Library in Nevada City. We’ll see you in the Gene Albaugh Community Room from 10:00 a.m. to noon. Please bring your notebooks, pens, and imaginations.

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