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  1. Hi Deborah,
    For the ranked agency matrix, this information is less about individual comparative titles, and more about particular agents and their agencies. So, for example in the first column, you would list the names of the individuals to whom you would plan on submitting query letters. I see that you did find some really good information about the particular likes or details for certain agents. I see that for one, Jennifer Walsh does not accept email queries. Personally, I would then rank her low to not at all on my priority list. There is no reason, at this time, and this day and age, that anyone should require old-fashioned, tree-wasting queries. It’s an unnecessary expense (in my humble opinion) of time and money. What I’m looking for here, is for you to identify as many potential agents to reach out to as possible, then, based on their particular likes and track record, query requirements, and compatibility with your work, for you to give them a priority score so that you can start to strategize which folks to reach out to first, and so forth. The goal, also is to have a much longer list of agents than what you think you will need. You want to have many to compare and contrast. You may find, for example, a book that is the ideal comparison to yours. Let’s say, the agent for that book is a superstar. Okay, that would be a “wish list” ranking. But, maybe at that agency, there is a younger/newer agent who is just working on building up their list. That might be a “better shot” agent to reach out to. So, you might have more than one agent from the same agency on your list, but you would only reach out to one of them. Some agencies will invite you to feel free to submit to more than one agent at their agency (but one at a time), while other agencies might say, if you reach out to one of us and are declined, consider that a “pass” from the entire agency. That would then be among the notes you keep in this matrix. Keep working on building up your comparative titles as a way to find the agents/agencies who will be most suited to your title. This is a living document that can just keep on growing.

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