Going Public – Comparative Title List Review

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  1. Hi Deborah, you have a really good list of comparative titles, here, and an excellent start for which agencies and publishers to keep your eyes on. If you’ve read all the titles, great! If not, I encourage you to at the very least seriously peruse the others to the point of being able to draw some specific aspects out that are very much like your work (and how), as well as in what ways they are very different and/or what your book offers that these don’t. If you can describe in one word or short phrase each, what you personally like about these titles (such as the style of writing, or thematic subject or unique character). These may be good words you can ultimately use to describe your own work.
    For those books whose publisher, agent, or editor was not readily evident, see if you can do some online sleuthing to find out more. You still may come up with dead ends, but may find other noteworthy leads.

  2. Once again, Deborah has kicked butt. So, it’s back to online research for me to get more data on all of my books. I am at a disadvantage, however, because I can’t go to the library or the book store just yet. Hope to soon, however.

  3. Gerry, you did an excellent compilation here. Lots of great information that you will come back to later. One question I have from your research is the books you have that are sold by Draft2Digital or Smashwords. I am guessing these might be ebooks only? I would be curious to find out more about the success of such books (ranking/sales) and what kind of marketing they have, or online visibility.
    Also, if some of these aren’t familiar to you, you have a good reading list! I encourage you to read with a critical eye–what’s working, what’s the voice like, what’s the style like, etc.

    1. Thanks Monique. Yes Draft2Digital and Smashwords are eBook sellers. I think there other eBook sellers in my list of 32 books. I have located two online research sites where I plan to focus my efforts going forward. Can’t go to Library or Book store just yet. Possible hip and back surgery soon. I will find out next week.

      1. Wishing you all the best on the hip and back front! Speedy recovery and pain-free days ahead! Regarding the ebooks on your list, another question I have is to compare the quality of the writing with those books to some of the others on your list. Again, choose at least one to read and see how you compare the level of writing style, quality of storytelling, and so forth to the top ones on your list.

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