Youth Writer Fellowship

Tell Tailors is pleased to announce a call for entries to apply for their Autumn 2019 Youth Writers Fellowship. Fellows earn a tuition-free 10-week workshop series focused on core writing skills. Three fellowships will be awarded to qualified individuals who submit their entries by 4 September 2019.

Fellowship Competition Rules

  1. The Fellowship Competition is open to individuals ages 13-25.
  2. Applicants must answer the following prompt with a maximum of 250 words. All types and styles of writing are welcome.
  3. All entries must be uploaded using the form below.
  4. You must be able to participate in the 10-week program on Saturdays from 14 September through 16 November 2019. Class sessions are from 10am–noon.
  5. Deadline to submit entries is Wednesday, 4 September 2019.
  6. One entry per applicant only, please.

Fellowship Writing Prompt

You’ve crash landed. Your spacecraft has been obliterated. Only you have survived, unharmed. The first thing you see is this big rock. What is the one choice you make?

image from Stonehenge Signs, Inc. (

Fellowship Entry Form

Your name and email address will be used only for the purposes of this Fellowship Competition, and will not be retained after its conclusion. You will receive one message confirming your entry, and one more announcing the competition results.

2019 Fellowship Application

Workshop Series Details

In this series, collectively called Cultivate Clarity, we’ll provide tools, techniques, and coaching to help writers of all levels:

  • Learn a Revision process that gives your writing more focus, clarity, and grace.
  • Mix biography with empathy to develop Characters that readers won’t let go.
  • Play with tone, style, and rhythm to enhance your control of Narrative Voice.


In four weekly meetings, we’ll explore how revision can both help you better understand what you’re trying to say and give you confidence that you’re saying it as well as possible. You’ll work on a short scene, essay, or poem, revising it with a different focus each week. You’ll leave with a finished piece, a process for your future revision, and even some pointers on grammar and punctuation.


Learn to create characters that jump off the page like genuine people. This three-week course offers tools, skills, and practice at building characters with full personalities, histories, and depth. You’ll develop character biographies, refine their traits and motivations, and explore relationship dynamics that communicate your main themes and make your story move.

Narrative Voice

In this three-week exploration, we’ll consider point of view options (who’s telling the story) and the elements of voice (how they’re telling it), read diverse examples, and experiment with writing in a variety of tones, styles, rhythms, personalities. Improve your sense of narrative possibility in any writing context and discover your own distinctive voice.


Workshop sessions will be held on ten consecutive Saturdays from 10am–noon, beginning on 14 September 2019 and ending on 16 November 2019. Workshop tuition is $875 for the entire series, or $325 for individual courses.

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