Writing Snacks Taste Test

In the spirit of getting in a good stretch before a great workout, we’ve generated a way to get the ink flowing in small doses every day to foster a great writing practice. We call them Writing Snacks and we need your help testing them. No preparation needed, no cost to you, no experience required, and therefore, no excuses necessary!

Beginning on March 4th, you’ll get:

  • a daily email with a link to the Writing Snack of the day
  • a ticking clock that keeps you writing for five minutes
  • an opportunity to share your results and/or see what others have shared
  • weekly reflections on the prompts, our intentions, and what we all created
  • some new ways to jump in and spark ideas with your own projects 

If you’re already a registered user of this site, click here to visit the Snack Bar. If you’re not, click here to register.

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